Friday, January 14, 2011

No guts, no glory

By: Rik Hoogenberg, chief executive officer

It’s winter time and it’s cold. Not my favorite time of year. I am more of a spring time type of guy. Simply because I enjoy watching young life shape. And the sunshine ofcourse.

2011 marks Be Informed’s 5th birthday. Still a very young company, but fiercely ambitious and growing fast. Not that it has been easy; the first years proved to be a major challenge in convincing our first customers of our revolutionary approach towards business processes. Government institutions like the ministry of VROM, IND and CAK showed the guts to choose for innovation, for the inspired vision of new solutions which promised results beyond imagination.

Whoever still thinks government is hesitant to innovate, is living in the past.
Today, I am proud to see that Be Informed has met it’s promises with some major implementations over the past few years. A growing number of administrative organizations recognize our value and proven track record. I am happy to see so much willingness and ambition both with clients and partners to make things happen. As I said before, I enjoy watching young life shape.

That is why it is such a pity that the market in which we operate today is just as cold as the current season. Both clients and partners seem ready to embrace our solutions, but economic considerations appeal to patience. Nevertheless, spring time is coming. Can you feel it too?