Friday, August 12, 2011

Medieval Best Practices

By: Frank Buytendijk, chief marketing officer

Medieval Best Practices is the first article of already the third series of articles on strategy, philosophy and analytics. I am arguing that many of the discussions we are having around the right approach towards business intelligence, data warehousing and so forth are purely dogmatic of nature.

In Part II, I elaborate on what advice the philosophers in the Age of Enlightenment would have had for us. They would have urged us to think for ourselves, and not blindly adopt best practices. The enlightenment view feels remarkably fresh, as these were the days people truly believed in technological advancement, much like our generation.

Part III then continues criticizing the Age of Enlightenment, that is the basis of most of our thinking in business: decision theory. Decision theory assumes human beings to take rational decisions, and new insights in behavorial economy question that assumption.

In short, I feel that best practices are the solutions to yesterday's problems.